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We know how valuable libraries are to their communities.  We want to give you more time to serve yours.

Figuring out which technologies to use and how to implement them can seem overwhelming . 

Which technologies promote your library's goals?   
Which lend themselves towards equity and inclusion? 
Which ones add value to your system? 
How do you know if RFID is right for your library? 
Can you implement other automation, like self-checks or returns, without it? 

We've helped hundreds of libraries with their technology projects.  Let us help you with all these questions, and with practical, non-disruptive plans for implementing your projects.

We offer consultation on:

RFID Conversions
Automated Materials Handling
Self-Service Automation 
Workflow Audits
and other technology projects

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Looking forward to ALA in Chicago!

Please come by and visit us at booth #1954 at ALA in Chicago.  I look forward to meeting you and discussing your technology projects and needs.  Oh, and there will be giveaways!  :-)  


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ALA Annual Conference
Washington, DC, June 24-26

We hope you enjoyed the ALA Annual Conference and had a chance meet award-winning writer, Diane Tarantini, at our booth.  

See below for more about Diane and her work.

Mere months before The Great Pause shut down the world, Diane Tarantini was asked by a child safety expert to write a book that would teach children, in a non-threatening way, about the concept of "grooming," the process by which a sexual predator gains the trust of a potential victim and sometimes their family. The Brave Knight is that book.

The Brave Knight was chosen to be distributed to each of the 7,000 foster children in West Virginia. In addition, the West Virginia Library Commission chose the book as its 2023 "Summer Read" for every library in the state.

Tarantini is a freelance writer, body safety educator, and blogger.

Praise for...
Brave Knight

“In The Brave Knight, Tarantini articulates incredibly complex child abuse grooming techniques/dynamics (ie. desensitizing physical contact, isolation from familial supports, love for perpetrators, disparity of social power), and somehow does it in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way. A brilliant, compelling, and inspiring resource for kids and those who love them.”

—Robert Peters: Senior Attorney at Zero Abuse Project, founder of Shield Task Force, former prosecuting attorney, former US Marine

Praise for...
Diane Tarantini

 "Diane Tarantini does a great job addressing an important topic that often goes unaddressed because it's deemed too scary. As a children's librarian, I appreciate Tarantini's ability to share something terrifying with children and their caregivers in a way that doesn't leave them scared, but empowers them. Tarantini's inclusion of discussion questions and extension activities make this book a valuable resource in any family's library."

---Amazon customer 5 star review (3/21/22)

2022 Highlights

ARSL Conference 
Connecting at the Crossroads

Having grown up in a rural part of America, I know the importance of small and rural libraries to their communities.  I'm proud to be a member of ARSL and always look forward to the conference. 

The 2022 conference in Chattanooga was no exception.  I really enjoyed meeting so many interesting people and having a chance to discuss their library's goals and technology projects.    

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